The kittens were left without a mother, and the dog had milk. She took pity and decided to feed the kittens

As soon as they were born, these kittens were left completely alone. The mother of the babies was gone, and they themselves were so small that they could not live on their own for even a few days. A dog named Faina lived on the street for a long time and understood at first glance.

What a difficult situation the kids are in. The dog herself fed her puppies not so long ago, but they have already grown up and found good families for them. Faina still has milk left, so she decided that she would help the kittens.

The little ones were happy when the new mother lay down next to her to feed and warm them. Faina fed the kids, warmed and washed them. She took care of the kittens as if they were her own children, so they began to grow and get stronger quickly.

Faina became attached to the kittens, she not only watched their nutrition and health, but also played a lot with them. The kids were very fond of crawling on their big mother, they could do this for hours. The closer winter approached, the more Faina worried about the kittens, because they were too small to survive the cold.

The dog constantly washes her adopted babies and bathes them hoping that people will notice their beauty and take them for themselves, giving as much de love as she gives them.

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