Risking himself, a homeless cat picked up leftover food for dogs

I looked out the windows and saw a skinny cat stalking towards the bowl of food I had placed in the yard. It was very cold outside, the food in the bowl was covered with ice. The cat grabbed a frozen piece of meat and quickly ran around the corner, realizing that he should not linger at the dog bowl.

The cat began to come to the bowl every day, looking for at least some food. The cat always looked around before approaching the bowl, and as soon as he grabbed the prey, he immediately ran away. The cat came for food for two months, I was very worried that one day the cat would forget about the precautions and meet the dog at the bowl. It is immediately clear how such a meeting could end.

Timosha really relaxed, stopped running around the corner with food, and ate just on the spot, and sometimes even lay down to take a nap by the bowl. Although his behavior carried certain risks, it also gave me the opportunity to get to know Timosha.

The cat turned out to be completely tame, affectionate, and he is also a big fan of sitting on the handles. The cat was about a year old, outwardly it looks like a Scottish Straight.

I was going to pick up the cat, but then a dog appeared on the horizon and Timoshka quickly retreated. Running away, the cat briefly lingered at the basement, trying to escape from the dog there, but there were bars in its path.

Yesterday I looked out the window and saw Tim again. The cat stood by the bowl, but it was empty, so with all its appearance the animal expressed misunderstanding and suffering. Grabbing a couple of bags of food, I went into the yard, by the time I got out, Tioshka had already run around the corner. As soon as I called him, the cat immediately turned around and ran to me. He ate the food at a speed that is quite pulling on the record.

The cat was clearly caught in the recent rain, was dirty and sad. After feeding the cat, I took him in my arms and carried him home. While my dog and cat were getting to know Timosha, he calmly sat in my arms, only shaking a little with fear. It turned out that the cat is so gentle and kind that it is not even able to growl.

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