The teddy bear could not hibernate because of hunger and came closer to people for help

These shots were posted online by employees of the center, which helps rare animals. A little bear cub was found in the Jewish Autonomy. He was weak and hungry. The need to find food forced the wild animal to come to the rural dump, but the locals were frightened when they noticed him and informed the relevant authorities. No one knows where the baby’s mother went, and he himself was so exhausted that with the onset of cold weather he could not hibernate.

“Being left without a mother, the baby could not get his own food on his own. Hunger prevented the bear cub from hibernating. To find food, the bear cub began to come to the garbage dump near the village. Noticing an unusual guest, people reported to the hunting supervision, ”this is how the employees of the Tiger Center talk about the appearance of a new ward.

It was not easy to pick up the baby, because he did not trust people. It was possible to solve the problem with the help of an injection of sleeping pills. The video captured the moment when the center employees are going to take the sleeping animal to a safer place.

“We managed to put him to sleep and now we can take him to the center to help. Sleep, little baby. He lived here in the garbage, but it’s still clear that he was starving, so small and moving, ”the specialist of the hunting supervision commented on what was happening on the video.

The bear cub traveled 1000 km to get to his new home. The animal endured the road normally, and upon arrival it was immediately examined by veterinarians. Fortunately, the animal had no injuries, but the low weight caused concern to the doctors.

According to the staff of the center, first of all, the bear needs to be fattened, after which the baby has a chance to sleep through until the end of winter, because in the spring they want to release him into his native forest.

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