The most miserable cat in the world looked longingly as dad and daughter ate ice cream

– Dad, please buy some ice cream. I’ll pistachio.

– And I thought that I alone could eat ice cream not only in summer, but also in winter. This is what we have in common, – Maxim smiled at his daughter.

The park was deserted, Maxim and Katya were sitting on a bench, joking and laughing, without fear that someone might consider them too noisy.

Suddenly, the hero of our story appeared on the alley – a homeless dog. The animal immediately went to the only people it saw in the empty park. The dog had funny big ears and huge eyes, with which she sadly looked at people.

At first, Maxim did not like this company, he even thought about driving the dog away. It is not known what the stray animal had in mind, and next to him was a little daughter, but the sad look of the dog made the man change his mind. The dog looked so miserable that Maxim could not imagine how one could even raise heads at him.

The dog stopped at a decent distance from dad and daughter and just looked at them while they finished their ice cream. The animal’s gaze was so intense that neither Katya nor Maxim could eat a single bite.

— Can I treat him to ice cream? the girl asked. Katya knew that her parents were against her coming close to smokeless animals and trying to pet them, but she was so sorry for this dog that she decided to try her luck. Despite the girl’s fears, dad gave his permission.

Let’s try, but don’t give him too much. I don’t know if dogs can have ice cream, especially since it’s so cold.

As if having heard that it was about her, the dog began to wag its tail affably and with all its appearance to show that it was not at all against ice cream.

The dog swallowed almost a third of the ice cream in a second, and then again raised sad eyes full of sadness to the people.

When Katya and Maxim went to the exit from the park, the dog followed them, trying to keep a little behind, but not losing sight of the people.

“We don’t have anything for you,” the man said to the animal.

“Maybe not now, but at home you will definitely find something,” thought the dog.

When Maxim was already opening the doors of the house, his daughter suddenly burst into tears. Through tears, the girl said that she did not want to leave the dog alone on the street and would not go anywhere without it. So the dog got a home and a family. Then it turned out that the dog’s sad expression was natural, but it was this feature that helped him find a home, and now it helps him beg for sweets from his owners.

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