The cat was constantly sad and did not contact anyone until she appeared in our house

Jazmine Felder heard the loud cry of a cat coming from the street. It turned out that the cat was crying, which climbed onto the highest branch of a tree that grew near Jazmine’s house, but the animal did not succeed in descending to the ground. The guy was able to climb a tree and take off the cat, after which he decided that the animal should no longer hang around the streets. Jazmin took the cat to his house, where four of his tailed pets already lived.

The guy named the rescued cat Buddy. The cat turned out to be very well-mannered, he quickly got used to the tray and did not cause any disturbance to either his owner or other cats, but Buddy did not want to be friends with either a person or other animals. The cat was on his own and did not try to get close to any of the other inhabitants of the apartment, on the contrary, he shunned Jazmine and other animals. The owner of the cat did not know how to help his ward, especially since time did not help in this situation, and six months later, Badii behaved the same way as in the first days.

Changes in the behavior of the animal began only after another ward appeared in Jazmine’s house – the cat Hannah, who was only 5 weeks old. The baby turned out to be a very active and cheerful animal, she loved to play and communicate with other residents of the apartment. Calm and withdrawn Buddy attracted the attention of Hannah and it was next to him that she tried to spend all her time.

Buddy, who used to be very indifferent to everyone around him, suddenly became interested in the new cat and even took the first step towards getting to know her. From the first day, an invisible bond developed between the animals. Hannah and Badi try to spend as much time as possible together, washing each other, playing, and in the evening they cuddle up to each other before falling asleep.

Jazmine is happy that Hanna managed to change Buddy’s character, making him more open and sociable. At first, Buddy only allowed Hannah near him, but over time he became more friendly with both other cats and his owner.

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