Pink gives a 12-year-old girl a microphone, who then simply wows the audience with her voice
People rarely get to perform with their favorite artists. In fact, the vast majority of people will never have such an opportunity. That’s why, in 2018, 12-year-old Victoria
The youngster qualified for the next round after giving a second performance in the competition with all his charisma and strength.
A gifted young performer named Vldislav Tyukin won the “Voice-children” competition. He is from Saint Petersburg. The boy can sing perfectly in English and Russian at the age
The talented girl performed the Christmas carol so well that it really seems like a holiday today
In most cases, children inherit their talents from their parents, but in this case, the mother is trying to continue her talent. Claire Crosby, 9, has a very
Simon rolls his eyes at the girl who loves Celine Dion, until she proves she looks like the singer
Simon Cowell has rightfully earned his reputation as a tough, savvy judge at the best talent shows, and he also has a knack for spotting the truly talented
This is the unique performance in which Simon took the stage and did something he had never done before.
Throughout his life, Simon has been a judge on talent shows like America’s Got Talent, UK’s Got Talent, X-Factor, American Idol, etc., and he thought he had seen
Two friends transform a motorhome into a mobile laundry for the homeless
Two young Australians from Brisbane decided it was time to start doing good deeds and helping people. They came up with the idea of a mobile laundry for
“Age – 20 years, weight – 31 kg, golden color”: what kind of fish did the man catch
Andy Hackett said the story of his attempts to catch the carrot, the fish got its name after being hooked, is quite a long one. Andy is British,
Kid With Cancer Runs To Firefighter And Hugs Him But It Was Hard To Believe What Happened Next
A firefighter befriended a child with cancer in a hospital. A beautiful story of friendship has just been heard at the children’s hospital in San Francisco. A firefighter
The 12-year-old appeared on stage with her pets and performed this charming and unexpected number.
America’s Got Talent is renowned for its outstanding contestants and varied performances. However, statistics regarding animal participation in the event are not frequently displayed. Animal behavior is unpredictable,
Pigs and Hogs Ameriсa’s Got Talent AGT Video Audition. That’s wonderful
Pigs and Hogs Ameriсa’s Got Talent 2020 AGT Video Audition. That’s wonderful Indeed, you may be surprised. I’m sure many will be blown away watching the video Ameriсa’s