Oldest Latin Grammy winner in history ‘had to wait’ 80 years for her first award after being banned from singing

In life, achieving your dreams can be difficult with all the difficulties and obstacles that may arise along the way. Especially when life brings you to a crossroads between choosing to live your dreams or pursue something practical, some people can’t help but toss their dreams into the background. But even though many would choose to do the opposite, some people still find a way to achieve their dreams, even though it happens years later.

Cuban-born American singer Angela Álvarez has proven that whatever your age, it’s better late than never to achieve your dreams. At the age of 95, Álvarez won his first Grammy Award, specifically a Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist. When she was young, Álvarez had always loved music.
However, her father discouraged her from making a career out of it. Growing up, Álvarez had two aunts who played the piano and taught him to sing. She emphasized that at family gatherings, she would be the one performing for everyone, making everyone feel entertained with her love for music and performance. Heeding his father’s orders, Álvarez began to take on a family life.

She eventually had four children and became a grandmother of nine and a great-grandmother of 15, she told Billboard. At the latest 2022 Latin Grammy Awards, Álvarez made history by becoming the oldest winner of a Latin Grammy in the show’s 23-year history. When Álvarez won the award, she tied with 25-year-old Mexican singer Silvana Estrada, but despite the tie, she remained grateful to have received the award. “To those who have yet to realize their dreams, know that even though life is hard, there is always a way out, and with faith and love, anything can be achieved,” she said. in his speech.
Thanks to her grandson, Carlos José, who took the time and effort to launch her career as a Nana decades later to relive her youth, Álvarez won her first Grammy at the age of 95. In an interview with Variety, Álvarez recalled her grueling journey to achieve her dream of becoming a singer. “It’s something that happened from day to night.

I’ve always loved to sing since I was a little girl… when the family had Christmas or birthday parties, I was the entertainer – they would make me long dresses and announce my entrance to sing,” he said. she stated. When asked what his advice is to those who want to achieve their dreams, Álvarez replied: “Your life begins today. Always aspire to achieve something – chase inspiration to sing, pick up an instrument to paint – do it.

And don’t get stuck on the idea that you might fail. Keep going and moving forward, and when you finally get to the end, that’s when you can say I can or I can’t – but always try first. Álvarez is a living testimony that age shouldn’t be a barrier to achieving her dreams and aspirations, and she made a very poignant realization in the same interview for the publication. “There are a lot of open doors out there – the only person closing those doors is yourself. If we don’t try, the doors will be closed. I had to wait 80 years to get to where I am today,” she said.

Congratulations, Angela Alvarez! What do you think of Angela’s story?

Are there any dreams you had when you were younger that you didn’t achieve? Would you have done like Angela? Let us know and be sure to pass it along to your family, friends and loved ones!


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