Powerful Pilipinas duo dance to Scott’s ‘You Are the Reason’ – AGT: All-Stars

America’s Got Talent is one of NBC’s most beloved variety shows. The final season of AGT: All-Stars is a spin-off that features finalists, viral artists, and winners from the show’s previous seasons.

One of the performers, Gervin and Anjanette Minor, recently performed an aerial dance routine to Calum Scott’s “You are the Reason.” The real Filipino couple impresses judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum after their performance.

Their beautiful chemistry earned them a standing ovation. Gervin tells the judges that their song is dedicated to his wife. He says, “She is the reason I keep dreaming and I love her so much. »

Anjanette adds: “But he didn’t know that I loved him first. The power couple are from Rizal, Philippines, and admit that when they first paired up to dance together, they didn’t click.

In their interview before the performance, Gervin said: “At the beginning, we always argue. We didn’t understand each other and we didn’t have chemistry. However, when they auditioned for Season 5 of “Pilipinas Got Talent,” the two fell in love with each other. They confessed their love on stage.

The duo now have a one-year-old son and can’t wait to show their talents around the world. Superfans chose Gervin & Anjanette over Darius Mabda & Ndlovu Youth Choir to secure a spot in the AGT: All-Stars Grand Finals.

Many online fans sent their heartfelt messages. One person said: “Overall the performance is great and amazing. Aerial dancing is no joke, and it’s not very easy.

Congratulations, power duo! Good job! While another said, “I had tears in my eyes after the performance. I just felt their overflowing love for each other. They don’t seem to be in competition.


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