The girl who lost her hands became a successful chef! She works without a prosthesis

This is an incredible achievement! Today we want to tell you about a girl who was not broken by life’s difficulties, but on the contrary – all the hardships on the way led to a happy life.

Filipina Marisel Apatan is only 30 years old, but she is already a model of how people on the path to achieving their dreams face serious problems. She works as a cook.

The girl can easily cut even the smallest fruits, such as strawberries and raisins, she knows how to make various decorations from cream, and she It would seem nothing ordinary if she did not have hands, but this girl is comes out skillfully without them. Marisel is a famous chef who works in a 5 star hotel and cooks amazing desserts.And 20 years ago, a terrible story happened to her, which simply turned her life upside down… When she was 10 years old, she went with his uncle to get water, on the way back, they were attacked by bandits. The girl’s parent was killed, and her neck and bras were cut.

Mariselle pretended to be dead and it saved her life. The girl was taken to the hospital half dead, she lost a lot of blood and it was no longer possible to save her hands. She therefore had to relearn how to do the usual things and be able to do without outside help in everyday life.

When Mariselle returned to school, new hardships began, violent children always teased and harassed her. But this did not break the strong-minded girl, she successfully graduated and went to examine.

She graduated from the College of Lourdes in 2008 with a degree in hotel and restaurant management. Marisel got married and gave birth to a daughter. The husband helps his beloved in the family business, in addition to working in the restaurant, the family bakes cakes to order. “I really cook since the age of seven, says Marisel. She was a very responsible student, despite the fact that she was the only disabled person in the class. But the most important thing is that the girl did not seek sympathy, on the contrary, she took part in cake decorating contests on an equal footing with others. See how Chef Apatan skillfully handles watermelon.


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