The members of the jury started crying after hearing this performance. The little girl’s voice is divine. Enjoy!

“The Voice of Children” is a great opportunity for young performers to show off their talent. Many boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 14 participate in this program. They perform serious songs, rehearse for a long time to appear before four members of the jury.

If they like the performance, they have to press the button and turn to the performer. Many children enter the scene and they certainly satisfy respect for their courage and bravery. After all, it is only with a lot of will that one can sing in front of such an audience.

The public, in turn, always supports the children, and the members of the jury try to be nice to them. The performance of this little girl was different from the performance of the other children, the members of the jury could not believe their eyes. Observe for yourself.


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