“I am the best singer in the world”, she declared while going on stage and here it is: 62 million views

A very confident girl took the stage of the British talent show Britain Got Talent and immediately told the jury that she would go ahead. Of course, the response to what she said was a smile on the faces of the audience and a doubt on the voices of the members of the jury. They had never heard of such a thing.

Watch the video to find out that she succeeded in erasing the smile from the audience and convincing the judges. ՛՛She should go straight to professional singing. She doesn’t need this contest to validate her singing, -.wrote a user․ She is one more talent than most musical legends”.

“The way she expressed the song through her face made it even better. Amazing “. “If I tried to sing like her, I think the universe will erase my existence”։ users write․


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