Wonder Girl Celine Tam wants to be the next Celine Dion appeared on America’s Got Talent

Don’t let this girl’s short stature or young age fool you; his voice has the ability to influence the masses! Meet Céline Tam, a 9-year-old contestant on America’s Got Talent. As soon as she stepped on the stage, she said her favorite singer was Celine Dion. The voice of little Celine, like that of the famous adult Celine, has the potential to wow her listeners, as she demonstrated during this AGT audition.

Celine’s ability was discovered almost by chance. When Celine Dion’s famous “My Heart Will Go On” aired on the radio, she was traveling with her parents and younger sister. Celine started singing with the radio, and it soon turned out that she had an incredible and strong voice. It was then that she became interested in singing.


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