Simon calls her decision CRAZY — then she knocks the house down with her first note

Nothing is more important than the song you choose to sing when entering a contest like The X Factor. That’s why the judges seemed taken aback by the selection of Chloe Paige. It’s not only a difficult song to perform technically, but it’s been played so many times that it’s hard to put a new spin on it. Even seasoned artists take special care in their delivery.

The audience’s mood changed to apprehension with Simon’s first comment, “You’re a brave girl.” But Chloe had changed their skeptical attitude from the first notes. Even the cynical Simon was surprised. “How sweet the sound of Amazing Grace…” Chloe’s strong voice and assured delivery won the day. At the end of the song, Simon admitted that his performance was not only worthy of advancing to the next round, but also of a place in the final.

The audience agreed with that assessment, standing up and applauding his efforts from the start of the song. She demonstrated how judges’ first impressions can be completely incorrect. Chloe Paige wants to make her family proud, so she sings without accompaniment. Do the judges think she made a brave decision, but was it the right one? I believe the answer is obvious.


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