145 people sing in incredibly perfect harmony, win “Golden Buzzer”

Such a beautiful song they sing, and so uplifting when you know the meaning of the words they sing in perfect harmony. They are a rare sight and sound worth watching. Howie Mandela’s comments sum it up: “Not only am I listening to you and absorbing the sound, but I’m watching your faces, and everyone is living the song more than just singing the song or playing it. You made me travel and I love you. “We try to represent diversity. Different religions, different ages. We are black, white, rich, poor, gay, straight. Even Republicans and Democrats sit side by side in our group,” she joked.

Instead of a hymn or a piece of classical music, they chose the song “Baba Yetu”, which means “Our Father” in Swahili, an inspirational song that might surprise you to learn that it is of a theme song for a video game. It was written by composer Christopher Teen and even won a Grammy Award, becoming the first video game song to be nominated, let alone win, for the prestigious music award.

It came as no surprise when AGT judge Olivia Mann pressed the golden buzzer, much to the delight of the audience. The video has since gone viral. “I love this choir,” commented one fan. “Their audition was fantastic and this performance was awesome too.” Another fan was even more enthusiastic.

“He is the only Golden Buzzer who has deserved it this season!”. Have you heard the angelic voices of Angel City Chorale? What are you waiting for?


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