When the twins started singing, they moved the talent show jury

Spain’s “La Voz Kids” TV show steals millions of hearts every time it plays with the participation of very talented children who dazzle us with their voices and their passion for music. Rosario Flores, David Bisbal and Antonio Orozco are the three members of the jury whose mission is to judge the blind auditions of each candidate who, if selected, will then have to choose which of the three will be his coach during his stay at the Program .

Antonio and Paco are twins, they are 7 years old and their interpretation of the song “I love you, I love you” will make you fall in love. When the twins started singing, they moved the jury of the talent contest .
Are you ready to see? IT’S MAGNIFICENT

Antonio and Paco received a standing ovation and the three members of the jury pressed the button to turn their chairs as soon as they started singing. Rosario Flores was delighted with it, so much so that she wanted to participate in the song and accompanied them. “Children steal your heart. They sing like angels and they are the bravest in the world because this set is very impressive”, comments Rosario. The artist will be her coach in the next phase of the program, where the twins have overcome lessons in vocal techniques and everything related to singing, the discipline that fascinates them the most.

You might think that because they’re twins they have the same hobbies, but they’ve made it clear that’s not the case. One is a Cristiano Ronaldo fan and the other is a Messi fan. one likes fideuá and the other chicken rice. But when it comes to singing, there’s no difference They’re the best team; they make a phenomenal duo! I am sure that Paco and Antonio will come far and will always be a source of pride for their family, which has received a double dose of tenderness and talent.

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