A bright new star has emerged before the world. Even Lady Gaga in various interviews has admitted the challenges of this incredibly demanding piece

No one expected such sound to come out of such a small frame, but when 14-year-old Iveta Tumasonyte tackled Lady Gaga’s hit ‘Never Love Again’ from the Oscar-nominated film ‘A Star is Born”, life in imitation of art.

That night, a bright new star emerged before the world. When 14-year-old Iveta took to the IGT stage and announced that she would sing “I’ll Never Love Again” from the hit movie “A Star Is Born,” the judges must have had their doubts because that song didn’t is not easy to approach.
Even Lady Gaga in various interviews has admitted the challenges of this demanding requested piece; most singers simply don’t exhibit the range needed to be successful. Iveta is not “most singers”.

When she took the stage and shouted “I’ll never love again,” the judges and audience were absolutely mesmerized by the 14-year-old’s searing range. Every note was nuanced with a sublime beauty and perfection rarely heard on a TV show.
Without deliberation, warning, or delay, Judge Michelle Visage rose from her chair mere seconds after Iveta’s end and hit the infamous Golden Buzzer, allowing her to move the upcoming “Judge Cuts” and send the singer directly in the semi-finals. Her mother, an accomplished pianist herself, says her daughter has been singing since she could speak, but insists Iveta’s musical talent dates back to her grandfather. “She draws her musical talents from my side of the family, no doubt and her grandfather is a great drummer.

We are presented proud of her,” says Iveta’s mother, beaming. After appearing on Ireland’s Got Talent, Iveta said she was more determined than ever to achieve her musical aspirations. “I don’t want to be just a singer”. I want to be a producer, a composer and learn as much as possible,” she says.


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