Shea’s voice is so calm and angelic…she deserves that golden buzzer

A 14-year-old singer performed an inspirational song on “Canada’s Got Talent.” Her name is Shea and she is from Vancouver. She sang all her life and immigrated from Hong Kong when she was four years old. She dedicates her interpretation of “Like my father” to her parents. Shea says she admires their relationship and wants a life like their family. They are truly in love and it shows. Her parents are her role models and she cares deeply about them.

Shea doesn’t see her father much as he works in China, but he’s very supportive of her musical dreams. Karité describes music as a means of expressing one’s emotions. She feels ready for the competition, but she is very nervous. She sits on a stool to play an all-black acoustic guitar. Shea selects the guitar and begins to sing the song “Like My Father”. The audience is immediately hooked and the judges are surprised by Shea’s voice.

Judge Lilly stands up halfway through and asks the audience to applaud the strumming of the guitar. Shea’s mother cries backstage as everyone loves her daughter’s portrayal. After the song, Howie said, “You like an amazing voice. There are people older than you who come onto this stage and can’t deliver! Howie asks him, “What’s your biggest hope?” »

Shea said, “I definitely want to go in the next round! Howie replies, “Do you believe in dreams coming true? He starts walking towards the “Golden Buzzer”, saying, “Your dreams are about to come true!” Howie leans on the buzzer and golden confetti flies across the audience and the stage. Shea’s mom joins her on stage, and Howie tells them she’ll be a big star!


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