A 5-year-old child opened the lid of the piano and started to play: the whole room remained motionless

When this little boy Alberto came on stage and sat down in front of the piano, no one expected him to do.
The child started playing Mozart, mesmerizing the audience. They were amazed to see a 5-year-old child perform such a difficult task. But he accomplished his task perfectly and became famous all over the world.

To have such ability and talent at this age is something special and there is no doubt that his performance would have become well known.

The child began to play the piano at the age of 3. He was born into a family of musicians and has musical skills like his parents. Although it is difficult for him to play such compositions because his hands are small, he was able to do it and amazes everyone around him.


It is clear that he will become a famous musician and everyone will know his name.


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