She is playing hide-and-seek with her dog, but he is not very good at it

Our pets create unique sensations beyond words.

This mistress gets along perfectly with her dog and can even play hide and seek… and have fun with it!

She’s hiding behind a door, but the dogs are so focused on finding that they don’t realize she’s under their noses.

The young girls hold back their laughter as long as they can… and so do we!

A young woman named Gleeva decides to play hide and seek with her dog, Nico. A beautiful mix of Husky, Pitbull and German Shepherd. The dog seems to like this game, but I have to admit that he is not very good at it.
In fact, he is looking for a lover hidden in the door… Nico is so pretty but not very smart.

At least, this video is published by its owner shows it. She calls her dog, but the animal wanders around the apartment several times and never finds her.

This man, who only hides behind a door, is happy to see fight. She calls Nico, and the dog bursts into the room, unaware of her, looking for his mistress.
He returns to another room and Grieba has repeated the operation several times. times, with the same result. After it would have taken him a few seconds to find her, he would have found her anyway. Watch the video, his reaction is hilarious!


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