Mom of Down’s Syndrome boy gets emotional when she finds dolls that look like her son

This young mum became emotional when she saw dolls with Down syndrome for sale at her local Kmart store in Australia. Son Brodee, 20, 3-year-old son named Elijah who was born in the state. When she heard about Kmart’s new toy line, she called back to the store and bought a pair for her toddler son. The store sells each toy for her for $15.

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Brodee revealed that she actually bought her cousin a doll with Down syndrome features in 2019.
However, it was much more expensive at $100. This isn’t the first time the mother-son duo has made headlines. They made headlines three years ago when Brodee announced her 12th birthday in her neonatal unit with a baby.

Elijah had to undergo surgery for duodenal atresia (a blockage in the intestine) after the birth. So Brody’s mom, Jodie, surprises her with her baby

Elie in a little tuxedo with his chocolate roses.


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