A unique performance at the throw of a wedding garter

A video filmed during a wedding ceremony quickly went viral. And we better understand why! First off, if you’re unfamiliar with the Aggie Wranglers, they’re a country and western dance team founded in 1984 and run solely by Texas A&M students. And when one of their members gets married, it’s always mind-blowing! Every public performance of the band is epic. And it was during the traditional garter throw that everything accelerated.

The moment is both hilarious and impressive We see the groom right behind his beauty. The latter does not make much of a choice for the game of the garter. She is pleasantly surprised when she sees the groomsmen entering the scene. They then arrive from both sides, with the bride in tow.

The show starts slowly, but something special is going on. Suddenly, a cane wraps around out of nowhere. The groom smacks her in the air. A fanciful cane return action follows. There, the groomsmen surround the bride. And the right moment is more than unprecedented. But in the end, who will catch the lucky garter?


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