These three children beg their father’s girlfriend to open the present. Then they get down on their knees for a reason….

If children can sometimes be difficult when their parents separate, this can be understood. It is therefore often difficult to establish a real relationship with a stepfather or a stepmother. Finding your place in a new family is not easy. And that’s the daily life of the couple formed by Theresa Meagan Johnson and Steve Lee. The young woman learns to live daily with her husband’s three boys.

And she quickly got used to this new life and tries to fill the children as best she can. She is attentive to their plans and the children appreciate her enormously. One day, Steve took on a mission of utmost importance to his boys. He had the brilliant idea of asking Theresa to marry with the contribution of his three boys. As Theresa sat on the couch, her life would take a new turn on her birthday. If Thérèse fears a prank, she will quickly be carried away by emotion.
Indeed, the three boys perform mine to prepare a birthday joke.

She feared the worst so they insisted that she open the gift. And when she starts, the boys get down on one knee and declare in unison to give their daddy to Theresa. And there, Steve entered the room and his speech will bring tears. Discover this moment of emotion in this family united by love. Good proof that reconstituted families can work. That’s how the boys and I asked her to marry us last night!


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