Netizens Criticized Parents: What’s the point of trapping a child in water with a hidden camera?

It’s been going viral since almost a million and a half people have already seen it. It’s a hidden camera prank set in the scene of a father with his baby in a stroller who wants to be photographed. The little one falls in the water at the big dam of strangers and it seems fun.

The video is the work of the folks at Which, whose videos I’ve seen on other occasions, because sometimes they’re funny or arouse curiosity (that video where a guy asks girls if they want to be his lovers for Valentine’s Day is great), but in the one I’m showing you today, I can’t help but think: What’s the point of pranking a kid in the water with a hidden camera?
The falling child scene has been repeated several times, and to be honest, I feel more pain and concern about people’s reaction than sympathy or want to laugh at the joke.


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