The purest friendship I have ever seen / It was really amazing to see how well behaved the puppy was

It is always heartwarming to see humans spending time with their furry companions.

These sites usually take place in parks, on the street or at the beach, but recently a dog-dad duo warmed hearts while providing the sweetest moment.

The two were having dinner in downtown New York and the adorable scene was caught on camera.

A nice guy on a date with his extremely well-behaved pup — that’s the kind of sight Gemma Colón had while having dinner at a restaurant in New York. The woman was so impressed with what she saw that she decided to record the moment on her cellphone.
She then shared the short clip on TikTok and people immediately fell in love with it.

“The purest friendship I’ve ever seen,” the woman wrote in the video’s description.

Speaking for THE DODO, Gemma explained: “I was presented with one of the most surprisingly heartwarming perspectives.

I noticed this dog sitting across from its owner, perched on a chair, acting like a true gentleman.
In the sweet video, the man can be seen enjoying a glass of wine and solving a crossword puzzle, while his companion takes a glass of water. But what left everyone in awe was how well behaved and polite the dog is.

“It was really amazing how well behaved the puppy was,” the woman explained.

“Honestly, I have seen better table manners in this dog than in some humans. It definitely seemed like a very pleasant date, in lovely company.


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