The long-awaited happiness

In the summer of 2017, the married couple Alexander and Anastasia Merkulov had five babies at once. Everyone thought that four children were going to be born, but finally five were born.

This did not upset the young parents in any way, because where there are four, there are five.

The couple dreamed of a child for a long time, but this constantly caused problems – it did not work out. Anastasia considered herself guilty of this.

Every pregnancy ended in miscarriage.

In 2016, Nastya told her husband Sasha that she was pregnant again, but the couple did not rejoice and did not tell everyone, so as not to upset him.

At the first ultrasound, the doctor told the couple that they were expecting triplets, at the second – a quadruple, but in the end five were born, which surprised all the doctors – four boys and a girl.

It’s been 3 years since the quintuplets were born. Now the family lives in their own house, thanks to many relatives it has been completed, overhauled and purchased everything necessary for comfortable living. The house has two floors, a basement and a garage.

Her daughter Raya spends all her time with her mother. She is very obedient and quiet, unlike the four bullying brothers. Parents say, “It’s never boring!” “.


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