The famous beauty model who conquered the world

A few years ago, the British media awarded Nastya Knyazeva the title of the most beautiful girl in the world.
She is now 9 years old. She has her own Instagram page, run by her mother, and where more than a million subscribers are already gathered.

Nastya is not only very beautiful, she is artistic and feels like a fish in water in front of the camera. She has many offers from famous brands for filming, and some artists invite the girl to star in their music videos.
Just a few days ago, Nastya’s mother posted new photos on her page, in which she looks completely different, and it’s all about her “brand” bangs – she combed it back.

Of course, there are those who consider Anastasia an ordinary child and do not see in her an incredible beauty, but most of her subscribers are regularly bombarded with compliments and good wishes.


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