Find your date of birth in the chart and find out what kind of life your destiny has planned for you…

Buddhists believe that the soul can be born 9 times. That is, he comes into the world so many times in human form. The description of the next incarnation is Meva (sign translation)

Meva shows how many times you have appeared in this world and how many lives are left.

To determine your Meva, look at this table. The year of your birth indicates the number of your life.

Find your date of birth in the chart and find out what kind of life your destiny has planned for you…

Meva 1:

He is restless by nature, pessimistic by temperament. Basically, this person adapts to the situation. He rarely tries to change anything. He is friendly and sincere on the outside, while on the inside he is a stubborn kid. Apparently, he suffers from alcoholism or drug addiction. Alas, health is far from perfect. Often has problems with the lower body (kidneys, bladder, uterus or genitals). Tends to sudden mood swings and depression. He is not romantic, but he is sorely lacking in love. Hard work is not for him. He needs to make calm plans and reflect. Work can be water related.

Meva 2:

He is sociable, he does not even have the slightest trace of aggression. He is not ambitious, he is not an initiator, but he is a researcher of details. He’s a great performer, but he’s not a leader. The best age is 45-47. It is sweet, has a fatty body. The diseases of karma include diseases of the back, skin, intestines and blood. She is very attentive to her partner in the relationship.

She is guided more by emotions than by logic. He is neither poor nor needy. It is recommended to avoid gambling. Their addiction can lead to death. The profession is linked to society, to nature or to pharmacy.

Meva 3:

He is independent by nature, always young and optimistic. He has a positive judgment, but he is very stubborn and impatient. It is difficult to come to terms with the circumstances. The best age is 34-38. He lives with daily care. By winning many errors and omissions, he acquires skills. He has a good physique, he is strong and active, but he has weak nerves and irritating problems. Subject to addictions, especially drugs. If he is bound to this habit, then he will be bound forever. He is an impulsive and outspoken person. He lacks money because of mistakes. Professions where there is an opportunity to express himself are perfect for him ․ teacher, speaker, writer or musician.

Meva 4:

In general, he is a positive person, but he is weak and a bit scared. He is vulnerable by nature and very kind. The ideal age is 38 years old. He is weak in body, the forehead is broad and tall. There is a high probability of getting infected with various diseases. has a weak respiratory system, the intestines do not work well. Women of this karma often have problems with their genitals. They are presentable people, they mature from an early age.

It is difficult for them to build strong and lasting relationships. The probability of starting a family is low. It is easy to deceive them and steal them. Money and other material possessions do not last long. In terms of the field of activity, professions related to the organization of holidays and public relations are more favorable.

Meva 5:

He is a two-sided person. And that’s good, that’s bad. And it’s determined and lazy. The difficult age is 42. The self-preservation instinct is the most developed. It has a strong body structure, the organism fends off various injuries on its own. It is prone to tumors, fever, hypertension, intestinal and blood-related diseases.

He tends to dominate. Success does not always accompany him, but he quickly recovers from losses. Gambling addiction threatens to lose everything. For this person, a leadership position is preferable, which, when occupied, manifests itself completely.

Meva 6:

The premonition is perfectly developed. He is a leader by nature and an innovator. He always sets high goals, achieves those goals with confidence. He is pleased with himself and is terribly afraid of misfortune. The best age is 40. He is lean and bony. He gets tired quickly, nervous disorders are possible. He often complains of headaches.

Problems with the lungs, bones and heart. In relationships, he prefers to both dominate and obey. He knows how to spend money. He earns fast, he spends just as fast. It is not always successful. He will be a good salesman, teacher, orator or preacher.

Meva 7:

He can’t control his emotions. He is optimistic with his temperament. Able to persuade people and make an impressive public speech. He is an excellent manipulator. He gets angry and angry when we don’t pay attention to him. He is very attentive to details. Life stabilizes at 40. He cannot achieve what he wants alone, because he is not particularly determined. The structure of the body is weak, problems with the nerves, genitals, kidneys and stomach are possible. He simply worships freedom. Choose partners carefully. He is an excellent lawyer or financier.

Meva 8:

He is very stubborn and sure of himself. If he has opinions, it is difficult to change them. He is conservative, often wrapping his opinion around others. He is very calm on the outside and strong on the inside. He is a wolf with high self-esteem by temperament. He has a tall and healthy body.

Atherosclerosis, melancholy, spinal and nerve problems are possible. It does not discriminate in terms of connections. But he calms down if he starts a family. He succeeded very early, he is very attached to money. Chooses stability and reliability in work.

Meva 9:

He is quite an emotional and sentimental person. He leads a hectic but useless life. Impatient and impulsive. He tends to criticize everything and everyone. He has very high expectations of those around him. He often changes partners. He is an idealist who despises material goods by temperament. After reaching middle age, it begins to decline. In all areas.

He is a strong and flexible person with an average physique. He often suffers from insomnia, as well as heart, eye and nerve diseases. Capable of enchanting at first sight. It’s not particularly successful. He doesn’t have much or little money. He needs money, but the lack of determination does not allow it. Favorite professions are diplomacy, theater and fine arts.


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