The performance of this 15 year old was something extraordinary, something out of the ordinary

You will never forget your first time in front of an audience of millions. When Stella took the stage, she showed no signs of being a shy 15-year-old.

This 15-year-old’s performance was something dreams are made of. In an incredible show of confidence, she won over millions by singing an Olivia Newton-John classic.

The performance of this 15-year-old was something extraordinary, something out of the ordinary.

When the music to “Hopelessly Devoted To You” starts, everyone knows what it’s all about.
It didn’t take long for one of the judges to turn around. Stella displayed impressive range, control and stage presence. The other judges were dancing in their chairs, so they were quietly considering turning back.

Stella only got one chair trick, but that’s still impressive considering the stakes. You don’t need a four-chair turn to win the whole competition.

The Voice Kids quickly became a great companion for The Voice. This changes the dynamic of the show, and allows young talents to sing in a more balanced competition. With stars like Stella, the judges will always have a team full of talent.


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