Mum broke down in tears when she found her dog starving after being robbed 2 years ago

The photo of the stray dog was once posted by the shelter on Facebook and hoped to find him a caring owner for his life. The dog with the beautiful blue eyes suffered from mange and remained deserted and dirty.

When the photo of the poor dog went viral, she received a call from a woman who suspected the dog might be the one who got lost. It had been stolen from his garden two years ago. We asked her to come and see if the dog could recognize her…

You can see the reaction of the depressed dog when the woman approached him. At first the dog was terrible, but he took her hands and reared up on her hind legs to take a closer look, recognizing her face and scent.


The poor dog, whose name is Lord, knows her firsthand and starts licking and kissing everything!


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