This 65-year-old mother of 13 gave birth to quadruplets: she is the oldest mother of quadruplets in the world

Meet Annegret Raunig, a 65-year-old German who recently had her quadruplets. She is a teacher of English and Russian at school and her whole life has been devoted to the upbringing and upbringing of her children and students. She gave birth to the premature babies after 26 weeks, as reported by German TV stations.

Thus, 3 adorable boys and a baby girl were born in April. She managed to give birth to her babies after 20 years of menopause. Medically, it was less possible to have a baby at this age without medical intervention. This is because, after 35, it is risky to plan a baby for health. As RTL reported, even though the babies were to be born very early, they were born in surprisingly good condition and health.

So doctors only had to keep them in incubators until they were 38 weeks old. The woman said it was her youngest Lelia’s wish to have another sibling. So, the caring mother went to another country for the implantation of an egg so that she could have one more child.

Many specialists, politicians and even religious have criticized his action to have 4 more children at this age. However, she ignored their blame and made her personal decision on her own. So, after the birth of the 4 wonderful children, she became the oldest mother who gave birth in Germany.


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