Northern Ireland seamstresses have launched an initiative: they have created their own model of a handmade village

A group of seamstresses from County Antrim in Northern Ireland had a creative idea. Once a wife, May Etchenson decided to hand knit a small version of her own home. That’s a great idea !

The gifted loved knitting and was part of a circle of knitters, so she started this curious project. In fact, this is only the beginning of the wonderful initiative. The woman came with her amazing resulting home created with all the details.

The creation was well received by her friends and relatives, so she decided to go far. So, with a group of women, they tried to knit the whole village of Clochmills, which is their hometown. Thus, the women met every Wednesday to pursue their unusual but sunny project. The result was approved by all the inhabitants of the village.

It was amazing work! They made everyone smile and had great emotions. They worked with all the details: even the post office, pubs, as well as an old shirt factory and playgrounds existed in their model.
May’s husband, Edgar, supported the women by finding funds to buy the tools needed for the project. This knitting work of art has already been approved and loved by a thousand villagers. The HIV-positive seamstresses want to raise 3,000 euros to donate the profits to charity.


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