An elderly woman goes on stage to interpret the classic Hit of AC/DC Simon thought that she could not bear it and ended up silencing it

The whole public, including the Alisha Dixon judges, Amanda Holden, David Williams and Simon Cowell, was so silent that a fly could be heard in the public at the start of his performance.

While many spectators expected something a little more subtle, they watched her with enthusiasm while she was starting to sing the AC/DC Highway to Hell tube in a really rock form.

After looking at her performance, the public received the singer with a standing ovation. Jenny Darren has been singing since the age of 12 and listens to big music names like Jimmy Page. At one point in her life, she even sang the AC/DC choirs and released four albums, featuring the drummer of Iron Maiden Nicki McBrian, as Radio Times reports.

After her retirement, the Birmingham resident decided that it was time to come back to what made her so happy in the past.


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