Twin Sister joins the piano and they bring the house down

Two sisters from New Jersey recently brought Boogie Woogie music to a piano store in New Jersey. The twins look good, have big smiles and show remarkable musical talent. They won praise and respect from other pianists. Angelina and Ashley Leyva are two almost identical twins who have been playing the piano together for several years.

Since 2013, they have been sharing their music with the world through their YouTube videos. During this time, their channel featured many popular songs from a variety of artists. One afternoon, the twins visited a piano store.
For a pianist of any caliber, this is truly heaven. Rows upon rows of shiny new pianos awaited their angelic touch. After walking through the front door, the twins looked for a piano to play. A shiny red grand piano caught their eye, and they both ran towards it. A twin won the race and eagerly started playing this flagship instrument.

It was just a typical, quiet afternoon in the piano shop until the twins brought new vitality to the scene. Once seated, one twin then the other sang the store community serenade.
The twins could have played any style of music, but chose a genre guaranteed to rock everyone. Cheerfully infectious Boogie Woogie music was the twins’ choice. After a brief solo lick or two, they rocked the store with a duet showcasing this soulful style.

Their antics while playing were almost as entertaining as the music itself. The twins may have had shoppers tapping their feet, but they jumped from piano to piano.
Part of the fun was guessing which combination they would choose next. Would a twin each play on their own piano, would they change pianos or would they both play on the same piano? The Twins were more than just an entertaining sideshow. They have been recognized as serious musical talents by the online music community.

Pianists such as Doña Oxford, Martin Pyrker and Brendan Kavanagh have all praised the twins’ piano artistry. The talent of the twins deserves a standing ovation. What do you think of their piano store antics? Maybe you have a family member or friend who loves music. Take a few moments and tell us about your experiences and the talent you saw!


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