Mom Almost Abandoned Her Down Syndrome Twins: They’re Now 7 And She’s Glad They Changed Their Minds

When Julie McConnel was pregnant in 2014, she was hoping for a daughter as her 3-year-old son yearned for a younger sister. But it turned out that she would give birth to twins. But soon Julie and her husband Dan had prenatal tests and it turned out that their unborn babies had an extra chromosome.

They will therefore be born with Down syndrome. They were worried and scared and Julie and Dan decided to give their babies up for adoption. They were filing for adoption when they were invited to the Down Syndrome Association in Idaho which helped them learn more about children with special needs.

This experience made them think seriously about their decision. The parents decided to keep their twins because they understood the whole truth about children with Down syndrome. Charlie and Milo McConnel were born in August 2015. Julie, Dan and their son were thrilled to meet their twins.

They loved their children to the moon and back and loved to play with them.


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