An adorable pregnant kitten wandering the streets of a Bronx neighborhood approaches the right person for help

An adorable kitten is looking for the right person to help her after spending a lot of time roaming the streets hoping to improve her life and that of her young kittens.

A call about a homeless female cat in the Bronx area who was pregnant reached Jen, a volunteer with Little Wanderers NYC. The future mother was in an extremely difficult situation and she absolutely needed help or rescue.

Jen brought a pet carrier and cat food to the scene without thinking twice. She pledged to support her.
Shortly after arriving, she had a clear view of a big-bellied tabby cat walking straight in her direction.

She dropped a tin can on the floor and the hungry, homeless cat came over and ate it all.

The kitten was so grateful to Jen that when she showed him her carrier, the kitten boldly snuggled up to let her know she was ready to go.


The adorable cat named Free was really happy the whole time it took to get to the rescue center; it seemed like she knew her time living on the streets was over. “We saved her so that this worthy woman could give birth in a beautiful home with lots of cozy blankets, delicious food and a birthing box someone said.



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