The beautiful voice of Calum Scott with just a guitar to back it up

Calum Scott rose from obscurity as a human resources employee to international fame when he appeared on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. Since then, he has climbed the Billboard charts and created a loyal fanbase.

She is known for her emotional lyrics and transparent storytelling through song. Her music videos are like cinematic experiences that bring the viewer to tears. Fans regularly took to Twitter and other social media platforms to proclaim their love and support for Calum.

This time we see Calum with all scenery removed. It’s just him and an acoustic guitarist performing “Where Are You Now,” which was written in collaboration with Belgian DJ “Lost Frequencies.”

The stage is accompanied by a dark red three-dimensional background and LED lighting. Calum and his guitar accompanist sit on stools adding to the intimate ambience of this performance.

Calum delivers the final line, “You’re like my favorite song,” and punches his guitarist with a smile. The performance is a pure display of vocal talent as Calum sings with no effects or backing band.

It’s refreshing to hear a solo vocal with such presence and beauty without heavy instrumentation behind it. Calum’s incredible voice and powerful story combine to make him one of the biggest stars in music today!


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