Premature baby born weighing 212g has already gone home: a beacon of hope

The other day, a baby came out of a clinic in Singapore, born 13 months ago with a weight of only 212 grams and a tiny body of 24 cm long, she became the smallest baby in the world.

Now everything is fine with the girl, her name is Kuek Yu Xuan.

The family lives in Malaysia, the baby’s mother, Won Mei Lin, works in Singapore.

The family has an eldest son, he is currently 4 years old. At first, the pregnancy was normal, everything was fine, and the couple was preparing to become parents, but in June last year, the woman suddenly felt severe pain in her abdomen.

Mei Ling was immediately taken to hospital where doctors diagnosed her with preeclampsia. With this disease, blood pressure reaches the most critical levels, and swelling of internal organs begins.

There was a threat to the life of the mother and the baby. The doctors decide to perform an emergency caesarean section, when the term was only 25 weeks out of 40.

Doctors at this clinic saw such a small newborn for the first time. The chances of breastfeeding the baby were slim.
As the neonatologist said, drug dosages were calculated individually, down to the tenth. Diapers had to be cut and folded so that they had minimal contact with the baby’s skin.

And now, after 13 long months, little Kuek is finally coming home. During the treatment, the parents had to pay a round sum of money, which the caring residents of Singapore helped to collect. Now the girl weighs 6 kilograms 300 grams. Unfortunately, such an early birth resulted in a chronic lung condition that prevents her from breathing fully.

But according to doctors’ predictions, Yu Xuan’s condition will improve further. And for his parents and for all of Singapore, this baby is a true miracle and a beacon of hope.


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