He looks like his dad: How Michael Jackson’s youngest son grew up

Michael Jackson became a true legend, he was recognized as the king of pop music. During his lifetime and even after his death, the singer had and has millions of fans around the world, at a time his work became a real revolution in the world of music.

As a general rule, the heirs of stars of this magnitude suffer the most, as they receive less attention from their parents, and more from the press and paparazzi. But despite everything, the children of Michael Jackson were able to find their purpose in life and do what they love.
The artist has three heirs – Paris Jackson, Prince Michael Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson II. While there is a lot of information about the two older children on the internet, there is hardly any information about the younger one.

It is known that the artist’s daughter is successfully building a modeling career, and is also a public figure and a fighter for women’s rights.

His brother works with artists through his own production center and owns a company with the modest name “Fils du Roi”, which deals with computer equipment.
The youngest son of “King” Prince Michael Jackson II was born on February 21, 2002 to a surrogate mother, whose identity is not known. In early childhood, Prince II incredibly resembled his father.

It is known that the guy changed his name and now he is no longer called Prince, but Blanket After the death of his father, he was raised by his grandfather and grandmother Jacksons.

The guy graduated from high school and entered college, where he did not differ at all from other students. Blanket prefers to dress modestly, he wears long hair and does not get involved in dubious stories and scandals.


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