51-year-old model Naomi Campbell showed off the first photo of her nine-month-old daughter

The model insists her daughter is her own child, not adopted.

Naomi Campbell, 51, model, appeared for the first time with her daughter on the cover of the new issue of Vogue magazine.

Let’s find out together how the model feels in the role of a mother.

In May 2021, Naomi surprised her fans when she learned that she had a daughter. This happened just weeks after Campbell appeared on the Paris Fashion Week catwalk. There were no signs of pregnancy.
There is an opinion that a surrogate gave birth to a girl for her, or even adopted her. Today Campbell, 51, who has yet to reveal the name of her child, revealed that her daughter was not adopted.

“He’s my child,” she said dryly. Campbell also said that a limited number of people knew that she was preparing to become a mother, it was her secret.

Indeed, the baby’s birth came as a surprise not only to Campbell’s fans, but also to her famous friends, such as Zoe Saldana, Sophie Turner, and Gwendolyn Christie. Having heard this wonderful news, they of course shared their joy with Naomi.
“She is more of a blessing than you think. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me, ”says the model, not ruling out the possibility of becoming a mother again in the future.

Campbell feels “like a little girl again” and is excited to be living her life with her baby.

“I sing songs from my childhood and tell rhymes, play with her and see how many amazing new toys there are in the world! And the dolls! Something I never even dreamed of,” she said.
When Campbell was asked what surprised her the most about motherhood, she replied, “Mine always comes first. And she added, “Everything I do, I do for her.” It’s completely selfless. »

Campbell has admitted in the past that she ditched her family for a big modeling contract. The star claims the biggest sacrifice she had to make was the lack of a relationship.


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