A couple lives in separate little houses, parked side by side, and designs houses to show off their unique style

In recent years, people have tended to downsize, and building and living in tiny homes is becoming more and more popular, as life seems to be getting more and more unpredictable.

That’s why a middle-aged couple, who met and later married, decided to leave their apartment in town and start their tiny life in the woods.

Well, it might not be in the middle of a forest, but the community they decided to park their little houses in is surrounded by trees and really is landscaping at its best.

Elisa and Ryk have been living in their small house for just over a year. At first they lived together in one small house, but four months later they had completed the “house of their dreams”. This house basically consists of two small houses, with an outside path that connects them, and with a patio and a common terrace that allow the couple to share beautiful moments in nature. As Elisa explained, since they met later, each of them had their own tastes, different interests and many things to carry with them!

This therefore made two tiny homes a better choice than just one. “[Couples who usually start tiny] are very young, and it’s great because when you start out in life, you don’t have a lot of things. Well, we do! I help art, it’s got art, there’s a lot of stuff we had to give up, but probably most of it was a lot more than someone younger,” Elisa told Tiny House Expedition. So what do these two little houses look like on the inside? Well, Elisa’s little house is smaller and has a nice terrace, while Ryk’s is a bit larger and has a nice patio. Elisa calls hers “Little Starry Blue” and guess what, it’s actually a blue house on the outside.

Inside, it includes an open plan kitchen, office and living room. There is enough space for a sofa, a small but practical office, and a large kitchen. In fact, this kitchen is bigger than the others she had in apartments in town.

There’s also a loft, where Elisa can spend some alone time meditating, doing some art work, or just hanging out. Her bathroom is small but cute, and she even found a place for all her essential oils that are needed for her job.

The bedroom is pretty and the couple explains that they sleep there, while in Ryk’s bedroom they spend their movie nights since it has a large television.

Ryk’s man cave is also very beautiful. The kitchen is minimal, and opting for black splashes really gives the room a touch of elegance.

There are stones everywhere because he is a man of stone, and it shows in the house. He has a good sized bathroom, an office and a sleeping area, of which he has made sure to use every inch, whether for living space or for storage.

Elisa and Ryk couldn’t be happier with their choice, as it also saves them money. A win-win situation, right? Watch the couple show us around their home in the video below.


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