The young man qualified for the next round after giving a second performance in the competition with all his charisma and strength

A gifted young performer named Vldislav Tyukin won the сonсours “Voice-children”. He is from Saint Petersburg. The boy can sing perfectly in English and Russian at the age of twelve. He had a distinct advantage over the crowd thanks to his mastery of Russian tunes. 2008 saw the birth of Vladislav Tyukin, from a musical and aeronautical family. The сapaсities of both parents have been passed on to the youngster. From an early age, he was passionate about airplanes and everything related to them. His mother Irina, a talented pianist and singer, also supports him in his musical aspirations. He claimed that Vladislav showed musical interest.

She made no offer, and neither did her husband. Vlasislav was raised solely by his mother from the age of four. But despite this, he still has a good relationship with his father. He always encourages his son in all his activities. Vladislav started playing the piano at the age of seven and at the age of 10 he developed a passion for singing. Vladislav has excellent vocal skills. He’s been seen all right now. He participated in the “Variety Stars” сonсours in 2018. The crowd recognized him for his сharism and his distinctive flair even though he did not receive any accolades at the time.
Vladislav did not quickly win the approval of the judges during the hearing. They finally admitted that their singing sounded monotonous and logical. Vladislav, however, had already demonstrated his genius in previous tournaments. He showed his full vocal range by singing a Alla Pugasheva song. Both the public and the judges expressed their delight. The boy has talent, everyone agreed. Vlad also excelled in the semifinals and superfinals. He was a past master in the art of mixing music and text.

He has once again performed the song of Alla Pugaсheva, which helped him to play well. Without a doubt, Vladislav deserved to win. He should be given the opportunity to develop his skills and be supported to do so. Masha Politikova and Lisa Trofimovat were two of her

fiercest opponents in the final. It was the right decision for Vladislav to sing “Who Wants to Live Forever” by Queen this time. The judges were delighted by his perfect English rendition of the song. Vlad showed everyone that he deserved the victory. Due to his skills and talent, the youngster deservedly took first place.


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