She transforms a truck into a dream house to escape the modern world.

Indeed, since his youngest childhood, Kai has always wanted to live in a cabin in the middle of the woods, close to nature. But once she reached adulthood, she realized that land in the area where she lived was being sold at exorbitant prices. She then resigned herself to abandoning her dream.

A mobile home: she decides to start building her mobile home.

Kai realized her dream when she came across “Some Turtles Have Niсe Shells” in a bookstore. This book, written by Roger Beсk, tells the story of people who decided to fit out old trucks in the 70s and 80s. more. Most of the trucks fitted out in this way are warm, colorful, wooden with stained glass windows and hanging plants.

This young woman has lived for 10 years in сoloсation without having the possibility of improving her own living space. Without hesitation, the young woman then launched herself into the construction of her truсk house.

At that time, life in a van was not yet a fashion and Kai discovered a new way of life that was still little known and filled with prejudice.

Her boyfriend, Benjamin, joined the construction adventure along the way. The young man already had a nomadic lifestyle in a van or a sailboat.

The construction of “The Ugly Truсkling” began in 2014 and lasted 6 years because Kai did not want to take out a loan. So she built her house with the money she earned

and saved. In the end, even if she had to wait 6 years before living there, she is happy to have managed to build her truck without being dependent on the bank.

The hardest thing was to take the leap because she started without knowing anything about construction. At first, it had the chassis lengthened before installing a steel structure to maintain the wooden structure.

This little house is very comfortable, both in summer and in winter. It is well insulated and has a wood burning stove. Currently, Kai lives there with her boyfriend and their cat.

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