The couple lived apart. They bought an old tower and with their own hands turned it into a dwelling

It is crucial to maintain your self-esteem and your love for your loved ones. Newlyweds Christoph and Shauna are married. Unfortunately, they do not own an apartment and they move frequently and rent rooms. A small piece of land with an old silo was left to Christophe as a legacy. A civil architect by trade, he had the brilliant idea of transforming the silo into a tiny residence. Shauna went to work with her husband and gave him all her support.

To get a solid foundation, it was first essential to establish a foundation and build a tower on it. The couple then made the decision to enhance the space by adding a second level. There are no windows or doors on the silo towers as people cannot be housed inside. On two floors, the inventive duo fashioned doors and cut windows. They did a fantastic job. Although they didn’t actually hit the tower, it looks like they did. The interior, however, was now a proper apartment with all amenities, not just empty space.

In order to make the most of the small space, Christoph paid particular attention to each element of the interior decoration. The first floor had a living room, while the second floor had a bedroom.

To make a bath, the couple had to get creative. They chose to install it in the wall because there was not enough space. There is a small toilet and a shower in the bathroom. On the street, the couple built a summer shower.
Shauna and Kristoff are happy with their efforts. Despite its small size, their house is theirs and it was built by them. Everyone was so impressed when the couple invited friends and acquaintances to come over that they couldn’t believe it was just a silo. In the future, Christophe intends to buy another such tower, extend the house and add a number of additional rooms as well as a large kitchen. The spouses claim that as they worked together, their love and appreciation for each other grew. Now they can confidently say they can handle any challenge.


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