In the middle of the street, two six-year-old boys are playing the piano. People in the street crowded around to watch them play

There are beautiful painted pianos right in the middle of the streets of many cities around the world. They provide completely free games that anyone can play by approaching them. An artist who believed in the concept of spontaneous communication had this thought. Multiple people can easily walk up to the piano, listen to music, and strike up a conversation with the street piano. Street music always has a certain vibe and attitude. Each city has unique characteristics and an individual style. But music in particular can bring people together from every city in the world. On public pianos, anyone can play. It can be a novice, a pro or even a young child. But playing a tune is more enjoyable for children than just sitting at the piano. Yet the example of San Francisco was special. The piano was occupied by two six-year-olds who started playing the standard repertoire.

It was a breathtaking sight. The children manipulated the keys so expertly, as if it was something that came easily and naturally to them. They performed a theme from the film “Amelie”. Immediately, a group of onlookers gathered around the men, who listened excitedly before starting to take pictures with their phones. The talented youngsters continued to play, oblivious to the crowds of spectators. Still, children act more naturally. They differ from adults for this reason.

As a result, the music they play is authentic and honest. You can often see young musicians who play and sing with such joy in the streets of different cities. Their concerts consistently draw large crowds of spectators and are well received. The energy of children is strong and evokes good feelings. These public performances often help children show off their talents. Professional artists and producers notice them. They give gifted children the chance to continue their education at a professional level and become well-known musicians or composers in the future.


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