The youngster started playing a piano that had been set up on the sidewalk, which drew passers-by to him

A soothing energy permeates the city as classical music plays in the streets. The piano, why Because this specific instrument has long been considered relaxing and filled with positive energy. The piano can recreate a wide range of music, including classical, jazz, and pop, and it has many expressive options. Although the piano can replace a full orchestra, it also pairs well with most other instruments. On public pianos you can hear great young players as well as amateurs playing for fun. Once a twelve-year-old boy sat down at the piano in the city train station and chose to perform a piece as well. At first, everyone ignored him and continued with their daily activities. But, when the boy started playing, it was obvious from the first notes that the youngster had talent. He sang the Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel song “The Sound of Silence”. Modifying the melody slightly, the boy performed it. It turned out to be a rather intriguing revival of the well-known piece. Every note of the piano music echoed throughout the bustling station.

Those who passed stopped and listened in awe. A deeply passionate and profound exceptional performance. It makes sense that the piano is like an artist’s palette. Beautiful musical compositions have been written specifically for this instrument. It’s amazing that a 12-year-old boy can do such meaningful work. Since playing the piano involves more than just moving your fingers over the keys, the pianist must be able to feel and play their instrument. The young man’s music allowed those exposed to it to temporarily forget their problems and concerns. In particular, the sound of the piano can calm someone down. Classical music promotes tranquility.


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