This girl and boy sang the duet so well that the audience wanted to hear it one more time

Unparalleled performances and a powerful voice are key to the show’s programs. Each participant presents their participation in a unique and original way. EMIN and LOBODA are similarly talented performers who undoubtedly showed incredible talent throughout the night. They became popular singers and exemplified a lot of dedication and love for their work.

Now we will present their joint performance, which attracted everyone with its emotions. It will also captivate your heart if you look at it, because it contains great emotions and feelings and it is simply impossible not to admire it. He attracted everyone, even those who are indifferent to music.
Their performance was titled “Look at the Sky”. She was astonishing by her sensitivity, her talented interpreters and in the end a powerful and subtle voice. It was really well done. Amy was very excited at first and immediately took the stage. However, her partner encouraged her and, watching her, sang with more enthusiasm and activity, which gave Amy great strength and confidence.

The jury sat and watched and couldn’t hold back the excitement and even tried to cheer him up with restless movements. Without a doubt, the jury loved them both from the start.
After finishing the performance, the jury applauded enthusiastically and awarded them the honorary title of winner. The girl’s excitement increased further and she came down from the stage with great joy and bowed her head in gratitude. They both felt happy and confident. They mutually dedicated their victory.

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