The boy turned the tree trunk into a bookcase, for which he won an award

Teenager with no sewing experience sews librarian Sharlee Armitage Howard comes up with a unique holiday idea. he transformed the inside of a 110-year-old tree into a small, free community library near his home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The end result was amazing, especially for book lovers.

Even though we live in an increasingly digital world, with access to so much knowledge and information at the click of a button, there is still something magical about books. The ability to immerse yourself in literary fiction and read quietly, unlike the speed of cellphone screens, can be rewarding as it helps us develop essential skills like critical thinking and empathy.

With this in mind, a non-profit organization, Little Free Library, is helping to keep our love of books alive by “inspiring a love of reading, building community and stimulating creativity by promoting book sharing. of area”. around the world”. The Sharalee-built library is the first of several being built in the state of Idaho. The space has been dubbed by North Americans as “Library of the Little Tree.” end of life of the tree (whose species lives about 40 to 50 years).

The interior features stone steps, a cozy glass door inside, and outdoor lighting, providing a warm glow for a fairytale look. Even with its small details, the Little Tree Library retains its literary purpose. Just above the door, small plaques in the shape of a book recall some of the great classics, including for example “The Hobbit”. Months ago, when Sharalee first shared his project on Facebook, he received an overwhelmingly positive response. Many people were touched by his creativity.

Sharalee maintains her collection through the NGO Little Free Library, which encourages the lending and exchange of books in local communities (over 75,000 books have been distributed to date and the number continues to grow). Long live reading. dress that her friend will wear to the ball

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