It is a house that differs from other houses both in its design and in the place where it is located

In the modern world, architecture is developing day by day, it can be said that it has already reached perfection, creating such huge and distinctive buildings that amaze us all.

The problems associated with the construction in the early days have already become solvable today.

More skilled architecture creates unique buildings. Many architects can demolish giant stones, which are a big obstacle in construction.

However, Shanghai-based Amy Kandalgaonkar, being a professional photographer, changes the stereotype and proves otherwise.

A giant boulder can become a house project, not a pile of broken stones. He has a nice project that a giant cave will become a minimalist house.
It includes an ancient huge rock and a modern house. Of course, such a project may seem incredible, but the architect assures that it is possible and will be implemented very soon.

He has designed many such projects and wants to implement them in order. He imagines very well every detail in the design of the house. It can be used as a small residence or as a holiday home.

Or it could become a shelter for the homeless. It will be very solid and will have all the conveniences of a dwelling house.

According to the project, there will be three rooms: a kitchen, a bedroom and a living room, and in case of change, also a bathroom, and the heating will be done through solar panels.

The giant boulder is completely heat resistant and can become a safe house. The house will also have several windows and a giant door, the boulder will stand entirely on strong legs which will give it more height.

The house project interested more than a thousand people, there are even people who are interested in the upcoming prices.

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