38,000,000 views were won by these guys who took the stage and started dancing in heels

He looks very cool! Talent shows are programs that are very popular today. These projects help ordinary common people to show their creative potential. In such programs, anyone has the opportunity to demonstrate their vocal, dance and creative abilities. The selection of such projects begins with the audition stage. As part of this tour, participants demonstrate their skills to producers, and they choose the best ones. This selection stage begins well before the live broadcasts. Then, the selected participants show their talents directly in front of the members of the jury. They select candidates worthy of continuing their participation in the project. If the judges don’t like the performance, any one of them has the right to press the red button.

The winner of this project is determined by going through the semi-finals and the final. At these stages, the best of the best is already chosen by the public. They are the ones who, with their votes, decide who exactly is worthy of the right to receive the main award. It should be noted that after participating in the show, many contestants became famous and beloved performers. It happened to famous Scottish singer Susan Boyle, who now has her own production company.

The woman became famous thanks to her participation in the British version of the show. Until she appeared on the project, she was an ordinary housewife. It was her participation in the talent contest that brought her worldwide recognition and popularity. The heroes of our publication are the guys who managed to demonstrate amazing choreographic abilities. They were able to surprise not only the public, but also the members of the jury with their performance. It should be noted that they performed an amazing dance number in high heels. The performance itself with their participation turned out to be amazing. You can appreciate the excellent choreographic abilities of the guys in the video below.


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