The truth is revealed here why these waters meet but do not mix

And that’s what happened with the video taken by Maryan Steve, a tourist who recorded in 2015 passing through the Strait of Georgia. In this video, it is possible to see two streams of water that come together, but do not mix. And as expected, it captivated countless people. However, the video did not become known until 3 years after the woman uploaded it to the Internet, but it was published with false information. Since what most reviews say is that it is the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean coming together.

But what really happens is that near Vancouver, in an area where the Fraser River passes, which by the way is the largest in Canada, it happens to flow directly into the sea.
What is curious is that almost no one pays attention to the fact that the waters do not mix. But in reality, if we want to know why this phenomenon occurs between the river and the sea, the explanation is as follows. The thing is not complicated, and it is that the densities of fresh water and salt water are not the same and that is why this phenomenon is generated. So, the next time you share a video, make sure it has good sources, also if you come across a rating or video, make sure it is reliable.


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